Dental crowns are terrific options for patients who have damaged or partially decayed teeth.  They are porcelain caps that are placed over the original tooth and fixed in place by a highly durable cement.  Our office will custom design a crown for any damaged tooth that will seamlessly match the rest of a patient’s teeth in color, size, and shape.  Thanks to our state of the art equipment, we can typically create dental crowns in just one visit.

When is a Dental Crown a Viable Option?

Our dentistry practice recommends dental crowns in the following scenarios:
(1) to protect a weak tooth from further decay or deterioration
(2) to mend a cracked or broken tooth
(3) to stabilize a tooth that contains a very large filling, or
(4) to cover a severely discolored tooth.  Crowns are preferable to bonding because they are typically stronger and more durable.

How the Dental Crown Procedure Works:

The first step for receiving a dental crown is the consultation.  Once our trained staff has met with a patient and made a general assessment, we will take an impression of the patient’s mouth.  This ensures that we have a precise picture of the teeth so that we can design perfectly fitting dental crowns.  We then employ our state of the art modeling software to virtually build the crown.  Once we have matched the color to the rest of your teeth, we are ready to produce the physical crown.

The final step is to attach the crown to the tooth. This is accomplished by using a strong bonding cement. For most patients, crowns can last up to 10 years.

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