Everyone is susceptible to cavities.  Whether you have a genetic predisposition or an insatiable sweet tooth, we can help.  Our practice has a great deal of experience dealing with cavities and strives to help our patients get through the dental fillings procedure with comfort and ease.  Our aim is to eliminate all pain while protecting the tooth from any further damage or decay.

Process for Dental Fillings

We know that patients are often most afraid of the dreaded drill.  Fear no more.  Our number one priority is to provide a comfortable and painless dental filling experience.  Accordingly, our first objective is to apply a local anesthetic to ensure that the surrounding area is completely numb.  Next, a state of the art laser will be used to remove the decayed and infected area.

We will then examine the tooth to ensure that all of the decayed material has been removed.  We thoroughly inspect to tooth to eliminate any possibility of reinfection.  Once we verify that all signs of infection are gone, we will prepare the tooth for the dental filling material.

The dental fillings material will be added in layers.  After each layer is applied, a special UV light is applied to harden the material.  Once the final layer is applied and hardened, the tooth is polished and cleaned to ensure that the finished product looks natural.

Types of Dental Fillings Material

Our office has several options for dental fillings materials.  We can use either gold, silver amalgam, plastic, or resin fillings.  We will customize the solution for you depending on the type of damage incurred, your personal desires, and your insurance coverage.  Each dental filling material has its own advantages; we will make sure that your needs are met.

Indirect Dental Fillings

Indirect dental fillings are created in a dental laboratory and usually require two visits.  We recommend these fillings only when a tooth is severely decayed and the remaining structure is inadequate to house a standard filling.

At the first visit, the decayed portion of the tooth is removed.  Next, an impression is made to record the shape of the damaged tooth.  This impression is then sent to our dental lab who will create the indirect dental fillings. Before you leave our office, you will be fitted with a temporary filling to ensure that no further damage occurs before the second visit.

During the second visit, we remove the temporary fillings and verify the fit of the indirect dental filling. Finally, we cement the indirect filling into place.

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