Tooth loss happens.  Even though it is a completely natural part of life, when it occurs, it can be devastating.  We are here to help you ease through this condition. Dentures are a simple, easy, and affordable solution for many of our patients.  They require no invasive implants and can provide you with a natural, well fitted smile.  Our patients regain both functionality as well as looks.

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are a terrific option for patients who have experienced tooth loss in localized areas.  We typically attach custom built replacement teeth to a gum colored polymer base.  This base is then supported by a metal framework that holds the teeth in place in the patient’s mouth.  These dentures can be worn comfortably and are removable.

Complete Dentures

Complete dentures come in two forms: (1) conventional dentures or (2) immediate dentures. The conventional type are typically made after the natural teeth have been completely removed.  Our patients are usually able to wear the dentures approximately eight to 12 weeks after their teeth are removed.

Immediate dentures are made prior to tooth extraction.  They can be positioned right after the teeth have been removed.  Accordingly, the patient does not have to endure a period of having no teeth during the healing process.  It should be noted that a patient’s gums may contract during healing process, requiring additional adjustments and modifications.  As such, immediate dentures are typically only used as a temporary solution until the conventional ones are ready for use.

How Do They Feel?

Many of our patients experience some slight discomfort and irritation early on, but the dentures will feel comfortable within one to two weeks.  We use state of the art plastic polymers that are soft yet sturdy.

Do They Look Different than Regular Teeth?

Our dentures closely resemble natural teeth.  In fact, we many of our patients have reported receiving a number of compliments after getting their new dentures.  Our office will make sure that your new teeth look natural and elegant.

Will Eating Be Difficult?

Like any new activity, eating will take some practice.  We recommend sticking to softer foods at first, but once you are comfortable with them, you can slowly return to all of your favorite treats.

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