Having straight teeth is a must.  In the United States, wearing braces during the formative years is a time honored rite of passage.  Why do we do it?  For the wonderful pot of gold at the end of the rainbow: a flawless smile.  A well aligned bite is not only an attractive asset, but a baseline commodity.

But no matter how great the value of straight teeth, braces are a tiresome nuisance for teenagers.  Or at least they used to be.  Today, Invisalign has revolutionized the field of orthodontics. Remedying imperfect teeth no longer requires clunky metal brackets cemented to your teeth for years on end.  Instead, orthodontic treatment can now consist of wearing clear plastic trays that correct your smile while going completely undetected.  Even better, the Invisalign trays can be removed during eating which makes them far more convenient than conventional braces.

How Invisalign Works

Invisalign uses a series of fitted trays, also called “aligners,” which are custom designed for your teeth.  These aligners are made of flexible and clear plastic that you slip on over your teeth.  They are virtually invisible, hence the name Invisalign.  The aligners will slowly move your teeth into place.  Each time your teeth reach an end point, a new Invisalign aligner will be created to achieve the next step.  It is painless and easy.  Best of all, your children’s friends will scarcely be able to tell that anything is happening at all.

Determining if Invisalign is Right for You

If you want to straighten your teeth, we will first need to conduct an assessment to determine if Invisalign is a suitable treatment option.  There are some limitations to Invisalign; accordingly, we need to first see if it is the right method to help you reach your objective.  Typical issues that are commonly treated include:
(1) crowded or crooked teeth
(2) teeth containing spaces or gaps
(3) jaws with an underbite
(4) jaws with an overbite.

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