Teeth Whitening For A Beautiful Bright Smile

A shimmering, crisp smile will be the first physical characteristic that people notice.  It is the cornerstone of a solid first impression because it subconsciously conveys positive attributes about a person’s hygiene and health.  Moreover, a bright smile is viewed by both men and women as highly attractive.  As we age, our teeth naturally become darker.  This can be accelerated by smoking, consumption of coffee and other dark beverages, and pigments deposited by bacteria residing in our mouths.  Luckily, we no longer have to worry about our smiles going south.  Teeth whitening methods are widely available, highly affective, and affordable.

Teeth whitening has become increasingly common in the last ten years.  As the technology has evolved, people have been approaching their dentists more frequently to attain that movie star smile.  Why?  A recent study has shown a direct causal link between bright, white smiles and successful interpersonal interactions, both social and professional.  According to the three part study, individuals who have undergone teeth whitening treatments are more likely to be hired and receive larger salary offers.  According to Dr. Keltner, a smile psychologist at the University of California at Berkeley, the study demonstrates “the powerful benefits of having a whiter smile.”

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Can Teeth Whitening help your love life?

Another study emerging from the University of Leeds and Central Lancaster reveals the vast importance of white teeth in the game of romance.  Both men and women scan smiles and use them to measure attractiveness because they can indicate good health and genetic quality.  Conversely, bad teeth can imply a poor diet, childhood illnesses, or genetic disorders.  In order to put your best foot forward when finding that special someone, it is essential to undergo teeth whitening.  When compared to other cosmetic dental procedures designed to enhance attractiveness, teeth whitening is by far the least invasive and most cost effective.

Teeth Whitening Options For You To Pick From

Our Hermosa Beach teeth whitening options are as follows:

The first option is a tray based teeth whitening system.  One of our Hermosa teeth whitening specialists can get custom fit trays and hydrogen peroxide solution to wear at night.  These treatments can last up to several hours a day for four weeks, but the results are substantial.  This will of course be a bit pricier as well, but still no more than a few hundred dollars.

The next option, and the most effective, is in office bleaching.  This is often done in combination with a specially designed laser.  In office teeth whitening can yield improvements of up to eight shades depending on the level of staining.  Moreover, results can often be seen in just one 60 minute treatment, though additional gains can be realized through multiple visits. 

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