What is TMJ?

The TMJ or Temporomandibular Joint is the where your lower jaw hinges and connects to the rest of your skull. Because this joint sees so much movement it is often the site of pain and discomfort, thankfully modern dental therapies available at Manhattan Beach Family Dentistscan reduce or completely eliminate main problems associated with TMJ.

The most common complaint that is attributed to the TMJ is commonly know as Bruxism. What is Bruxism you ask? Bruxism is when you clench your upper and lower jaw putting immense pressure on the joint and the surrounding area. As you would guess this pressure isn’t good, if this clenching continues over time the stress can repent itself in several ways. This swelling will often be expressed as migraines, headaches, various types of neck pain, exceptionally tight and inelastic neck muscles, grinding your teeth, what feels like an ear infection as well as various joint issues in the socket itself. All these problems can be fully or partially caused by TMJ problems. TMJ experts estimate that there may be 20 to 50 million TMJ related issues in the United States alone.

TMJ and Bruxism Symtoms

One of the most damaging symptoms of TMJ is teeth grinding. Minor teeth girding throughout life is normal and a natural part of aging and in the grand scheme of things will not cause major problems. Excessive teeth grinding is identified by extensive wear and damage that is causes in the patients mouth.

Excessive teeth grinding is commonly associated Bruxism. The causes of Bruxism are not completely known but it is agreed that Bruxism and TMJ problems often go hand in hand. Daily stress is viewed by many as a likely culprit of Bruxism and TMJ problems.

Bruxism has many symptoms which some may consider unusual for a jaw complaint: Stress, anxiety, tension, depression, ear aches, sensitive teeth, insomnia and well as many others. The reason these symptoms are associated with Bruxism and many other TMJ problems is because the head and neck are is a complex web of mussels an nerves that is very sensitive. Even a small about of TMJ swelling can irritate the joint and cause the aforementioned problems. These symptoms can also snow ball out of control. For instance one stays up all night with TMJ pain then is stressed the next day because they did not get enough sleep, soon this cycle can spiral out control causing more and more TMJ pain.

TMJ Treatment

Given all the information above you can take a guess at the best way to reduce jaw pain…… Thats right reducing stress! This is the number one thing you can do to kick start your TMJ treatment. Of course if severe damage has alertly been done the TMJ specialists at our Hermosa Beach Dentist office can help!

Damage caused by Bruxism and TMJ can be prevented in no more than 2 short and painless visits to our lovely and comfortable offices.

During the first TMJ treatment vist you will be fitted with you will be fitted with your TMJ pain preventing guard and the second visit with ensure the perfect fit and protection. Our Hermosa Beach TMJ experts will help you prevent your TMJ related pain.

There is no reason to continue to suffer. Call today for a free TMJ consultation:

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